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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, Special Limited Time Purebuds Earphones Offer!

December 5th, 2012 by Tech

The Purebuds Earphones deliver you pure music and safe sound. With the reverse sound technology you can enjoy a safer listening experience. Also, with the custom audio tips giving you different audio tips like bass boost, surround sound, and full range audio you can enjoy special effects with your music.

To help you enjoy pure music and safe sound listening with the Purebuds Earphones this holiday season we are offering a limited time special offer of $15.00 off discount. This is good only from Dec 4th-24th.  Plus your purchase will be a charitable donation as the company is giving 10% of proceeds to the International Hearing Foundation. 

To save $15.00 simply use this coupon code and redeem at this link:

Coupon Code: purebudssave$15

Coupon Code redemption site: http://www.amazingtechproducts.com/entercc

To learn more about the Purebuds Earphones check out PurebudsRevolution.com

Thank you and enjoy! Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

New Sound+Sleep Nomad: Relaxation, sleep, and music travel companion solution!

July 24th, 2012 by Amazing Tech Guy

Have you ever used “White Noise” to help you fall asleep? Do you know people who leave fans on or even use their phones to play an audio clip just to help them sleep? There is a far superior solution to help you. Check out the Sound+Sleep Nomad in which gives you a world class adaptive sound sleep therapy system. The tagline on their package says it best, “Sweet Dreams Have Never Sounded Better”.

How is this an adaptive sound sleep therapy? For starters this product gives you high quality pristine audio beds like ocean, rain, waterfall, meadow, or brook in which all adapt in real-time to give you incredible layered sounds of realism that never loop. The audio beds continuously adapt. Secondly, the device listens in real-time to your surroundings and adjusts it’s volume to help keep outside annoying noises away from your  tranquil environment it continuously creates for you. Thirdly, it’s adaptive as the device allows you to choose the type of audio bed plus select level of richness so you can personalize the sound-scape to your preference. If you want to hear just the waterfall then keep it a low richness setting however if you want the waterfall with birds chirping and occasional splash then you can select a richer setting. It’s an amazing adaptable product. The net result is a the best sleep sound machine ever.

Sound Sleep ASM 1004 Nomad, Black

The Sound+Sleep Nomad is an incredible sleep solution and perfect relaxation device. It’s great for business travelers on the road  who want some good peace and quiet to avoid hearing the hustle & bustle interruptions around them. Additionally, this product gives you a great speaker solution to connect your audio device to for playback of your music or audio books with incredible quality. It’s like a professional mini-speaker system. Simply connect your audio device to it via the line-input and your listening to your audio in style.

Sound Sleep ASM 1004 Nomad, Black

Here are some of the features:
• Patented Adaptive Sound™ listens and responds to your environment
• Real-time compositions utilizing high-definition sound recordings producing
ultra high-quality masking sounds
• Small, sleek and stylish functional design ideal for the nightstand
• Upward-facing digital filter-compensated speaker for full-room sound
• Display lights can be turned on or o for easy nighttime operation
• 4-Level Sleep Timer can be set for gradual gentle turn o in
30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes, or left on for all-night continuous play
• Sound Richness control for deeper, more complex sound profiles
• Easy one-touch volume control

In conclusion, we highly recommend this Sound+Sleep product for anyone who wants a great sleep solution or companion for any relaxation need. It’s the ideal travel gadget. The high quality speaker system that you can connect your device to for perfect sound makes this product worth it from the get go. When you see how great the sound quality is, realism of audio beds, adaptability of sounds, flexibility with all the settings you can control, and results with improved sleep & relaxation you are sure to make this a ‘must have’ product.

To get your own Sleep+Sound Nomad product click here Sound Sleep ASM 1004 Nomad, Black

We give this product an “Amazing Tech Product” Award!

Sound Sleep ASM 1004 Nomad, Black

Purebuds Earphones, Holiday Christmas Special offer!

December 12th, 2011 by Tech

If your looking for a great headphone gift for the best quality listening experience to enjoy music & video audio on any gadget like an iphone, mp3 player, or video players then give the gift of pure music & safe sound with the Purebuds Earphones.

Not only can you enjoy the the ‘reverse sound technolog’  for a safer way to listen to music and protect those precious ears, but you can customize your listening experience with different audio tips for surround sound, bass boost, and full range audio effects.

Lastly, this holiday season we are giving $10.00 off the Purebuds Earphones from now until January 1st 2012 and enjoy free shipping!

Simply visit the Purebuds Earphones product page at AmazingTechProducts.com/Purebuds and input this $10.00 off coupon code at the secure checkout via paypal:

  • Coupon Code:  purebudssave$10

Enjoy the Purebuds Earphones, pure music & safe sound audio experience and Merry Christmas!

 Purebuds Earphones Video

Purebuds Earphones Video

New Music Software From MOAEC Helps You Enjoy Your Digital Entertainment In The Best Way Possible On Your PC, Mobile, Car, or TV!

August 3rd, 2011 by Tech

Are you  trying to manage, play, and enjoy your digital music & content in a fun simple fashion? Are you tired of searching and playing the same songs on your pc/phone? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to organize your music and create great playlists on your PC and Smart phone?

If you’re like the millions of us who love music, have digital music collections, and want a great experience to enjoy it on all your devices then you should check out the PC Mo®, Pro Mo™, Pro Mo™ Plus and Mobile Mo™ Software from the company MOAEC. You will find these music & entertainment software offerings a great solution to helping you enjoy your digital content anywhere, anytime.

We have reviewed the MOAEC software and have been a fan of this product for years. Perhaps you can relate to this digital music case scenario: You  have greater than 10,000  songs on your PC that were originally on CD’s or located in several folders throughout your computer. You end up playing  approx. 10% of your music due to the time it takes to search and locate songs then manually create a playlist.  No fun and not easy. So any excuse to limit the amount of time it takes to create, manage, and enjoy a  “GREAT” playlist of music is a welcome addition. Well, ladies & gentlemen introducing  the PC Mo®, Pro Mo™, Pro Mo™ Plus and Mobile Mo™ Software from MOAEC just for you!

Here is how this PC Mo works and what you can experience with this version of the software:

To start you simply launch PC Mo® then import your music CD’s & MP3’s on your PC.  You do not need to type where songs are or manually search. The PC Mo will automatically organize all your music into user-friendly categories and sub category buttons. As songs are importing you will notice you could also play music and customize your playlists at the same time.  There is no need to stop your great music groove while the software works to organize your content for you. The user interface is very friendly and easy to use.  It can instantly create a playlist for you by simply clicking on a genre (i.e. Rock) or sub genre (i.e. Alternative), or Mood (Upbeat) 

You can also perform all other search/play features (i.e. keyword, artist, title, album, year, range, drag and drop, next track, etc.) to continue customizing your music. What is also magical about the MOAEC software is how it eliminates you having to manually search in folders for music.  The software quickly auto generates a great playlist you like in seconds simply by a click of the mouse.

With this MOAEC software you can transform your PC into the easiest, fastest, and best managed digital audio system for searching and playing music. You can really become a music expert and DJ in seconds!  You can also wirelessly stream your music & playlists between your computer and Windows Mobile Smartphone on your home Wi-Fi Network. Yes, you can have a complete system and solution to enjoy all your digital music!  The MOAEC® software uses the same simple user interface on the PC, Smartphone, car, and TV eliminating the need to learn multiple products which is another great feature, i.e. KISS Method: Keep it Simple Stupid!

Here are a few great features of what the MOAEC® Software offers:

• The easiest, fastest way to search & play your music; optimized for touch screens!
• The SAME user interface across ALL platforms! (Mobile, PC, TV, Auto)
• Create moods and playlists in seconds combining categories & sub categories (Rock – Upbeat – Favorites – Play)
• No Monthly Fees
• No Advertisements
• Total control of your music
• Instantly search & play music by keyword, artist, title, album, year, genre, sub genre, mood & favorites
• Wirelessly sync your music/playlists between your PC/Windows Mobile Smartphone v6.5 on your home Wi-Fi Network *
• Wirelessly download individual songs from your PC to your Windows Mobile Smartphone v6.5 on your home Wi-Fi Network *
• Search & add songs to playlist without stopping music
• Customizable category colors, text, size, rows, columns, etc. simplify use & personalize experience…
• Category & subcategory creation & editing
• Categorize the same song under multiple categories/genres
• Import, organize & manage your CD’s, MP3’s & playlists on your PC WITHOUT typing
• Import & play music at the “SAME” time
• Automatic word completion when searching and more…
• Wirelessly stream your music between your PC’s on your home Wi-Fi Network
• Program playlists by time
• DJ any party automatically or manually mixing songs together!
• Limit the time each song plays
• Equalizer
• MOAEC Gold playlist conversion

Overall Take Away?

The MOAEC® Software is an awesome way for you to quickly program your music. Ease of use, low cost, and quick set up are a great benefit at the various MOAEC® software price points ($19.95, $24.95 & $49.95) .  The MOAEC company offer several testimonials on their website of people who love this music software. They also offer great support and have an active forum to assist with all. Plus you can try the software for FREE! We highly recommend it so check it out! 

  • You can check out a FREE special bundle of Mobile Mo™ Software and FREE upgrade to Android & Windows Phone 7 OS offering at their website by clicking here
  • You can learn more about the MOAEC software via video demos by clicking here

You can see a video demo here:



Amazing New Mobile Device Charger and Battery Back-up Innovation!

July 5th, 2011 by Tech

If you are looking for a charger and battery back-up for your mobile device and one that does so in a very user friendly GREEN way then you have to check out this XeMini Plus from the company Revolve.

Revolve is all about ‘Earth Friendly Electronics’ and this XeMini Plus charger for your mobile devices accomplishes this statement perfectly. So what is this XeMini Plus?  In short, the XeMini Plus gives you a charger and battery back-up for all your mobile devices.  It can recharge two of your devices at the same time from your AC power outlet and recharge on the go via it’s internal 2200 mAh battery that stores energy. 

The coolest thing about this device is that it delivers you an exclusive ‘Light Assisted Power’ type solar panel in which can charge the internal battery via the sunlight.  Now you can recharge your device anytime, anywhere plus keep the  XeMini Plus powered high just by putting this XeMini Plus in the sunlight to absorb the rays and trickle charge the internal battery. It’s pretty remarkable to be able to carry a mini solar panel like charging device with you to know your devices are good to go on charging regardless of being near a power outlet.

Another good bonus to this product is that it comes with a Auto Charger and cable accessories so you can use this XeMini Plus to easily charge your devices in the car.  The Revolve company really covered all the bases with this charger. It’s like a All-In-One super widget to charge all your devices at home, in the car, and on the go when outside anywhere.

What makes this a GREEN product and ‘earth friendly electronic’ gadget? Check out the green materials and processes that goes into this XeMini Plus:

  • Recycled plastics blended with bamboo fiber
  • High-efficiency glass encapsulated solar panel
  • Packaging made from 100% post consumer recycled materials
  • Free of hazardous substances

The XeMini Plus features include:

  • Retractable AC prongs that plug directly into any AC outlet
  • Stores energy in its internal 2200 mAh battery to recharge your devices anytime, anywhere
  • Exclusive Light Assisted Power uses sunlight to constantly trickle charge the XeMini’s internal battery

Overall we really enjoyed this XeMini Plus product and see it as one of the most innovative chargers on the market. We were impressed with the packaging and all that you get as it’s a full charging solution right out of the box.  The XeMini Plus from Revolve can truly replace your existing chargers and simplify your life!

We recommend it and it wins an ’Amazing Tech Product’ award! 

Check it out at www.revolveusa.com

Also visit AmazingTechProducts.com Pure Music, Safe Sound



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